Just STOP when it comes to SODA-POP!


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Most of us are no strangers to the immense Phoenix heat and have no problem guzzling our beverage of choice by the gallon. What are you drinking, and what’s it doing to your teeth?

Water, water, water! At Bratton Rappa Dentistry, PC we love our water. Not only is water great for hydration, it’s  also amazing for your teeth. When you drink sugar-sweetened beverages, the sugar acts as energy for the bacteria in the plaque creating an acid waste product. The enamel in the teeth begin to deteriorate, also known as, decay [1].

If you are drinking these sugary drinks daily, and aren’t brushing immediately after consumption, imagine what it’s doing to your teeth. Prevention is key when it comes to saving your teeth, and drinking water is near the top of our list of “must-do’s”.

Check out 4 Reasons Water Is the Best Beverage for Your Teeth!

[1] NHS Choices, 2014. “Tooth Decay,” URL: <http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dental-decay/Pages/Introduction.aspx&gt;. [Accessed 27th January 2015].

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